Standartartsupply is an internet art store that supplies the tools and materials for art classes in NYC area. With our b2b department, one can order an endless amount and variety of art materials.

If you are an art school or an entrepreneur wishing to distribute, we can offer:

  1. Oil paints for painting classes
  2. Drawing materials for art classes with pencil sessions
  3. Canvases both linen and cotton stretched and in rolls
  4. Watercolor tools and paints
  5. Sculpture basic plasters and sculpting tools

We try to form the best product line of possible according to price vs quality rule. Any oil paints are certified and have a certificate coming either from manufacturer French-based company PEBEO or production facilities in China. Art classes that require all product line including spirits, paper towels, pencils and erasers, canvases on a weekly basis can be set in our supply chain.

Located in NYC area we are open for business propositions from art schools and art classes in that area with Franchise opportunities and selling stands availability a business owner can benefit from side effect of art materials at hand.

Delivery made on time, every day, returns accepted with 14 days guarantee. We deliver to NYC metro area drop by the door, no floor delivery available.

Our partners for art supplies are PEBEO, VANGOGH, ROSA, KOLOS, COPIC, CANSON.